Saturday, September 3, 2011

How To Take An Oversized Shirt and Turn It Into a Flowy Tunic *NO SEWING*

Last post, I said tomorrow I'd make this post. I meant tomorrow-ish.

Have you ever seen a shirt that you knew would be too big for you, but it was just too darling? I have.
See, not too flattering huh? Yeah, I'm making that squinty face on purpose. :-p

I took my shirt, turned it inside out, put safety pins about where my shoulder blades would be with it pulled out like that in the picture above.

Then I turned the shirt right side out, threaded a long ribbon through the safety pins and tied a bow. Ta-Da!
Much more flattering.

Does this picture look too "come and get it"? I wasn't sure.

My shoes got pretty filthy. I trudged through the dirt and rocks, sunk in the sand, and crunched the leaves, but dammit I wanted a picture with that bike thing!

I have a new hair color. I like it a lot better than the previous one. Less yellow, more golden and a hint of red.

Too big shirt-Dress Barn
Skinny jeans-Target
Knotted Wedges-Forever 21