Sunday, September 11, 2011

Previously Loved

Warning: LOOOOOOONG post ahead.

Everything I'm wearing, except the marroonish cami, belonged to someone else before me. (I'm not counting undergarments)

The hubs and I went to one of my favorite thrift stores and while I didn't score as much as I usually do, I did find this gorgeous vintage dress in perfect condition. It's meant to be buttoned up to the neck but I wasn't feeling that so I left all the buttons unbuttoned and let the top hang loose. In addition to this dress I got two belts, another dress and an old picture frame.
Shoes and belt-hand me downs from my mom
Necklace- a gift from my Grandmother, the little bird used to wear moccasins but his feet fell off long ago.

So I have a little interesting story to tell:
I had just walked into my place of work and this woman approached me and as soon as she started talking I knew she was a saleswoman, which usually makes me cringe and want to run away, but I listened. She told me that she was a representative for a new line of cosmetics and she either compared it to or associated it with (don't really remember her exact words) MAC. She said that this line was going to launch later on this month. She showed me her product and I was pretty impressed. She said that she had been selling them all day for around $50 and that that was even a great deal but she only had three left and that she had to get rid of them all so she'd give it to me for $20. I just so happened to have a 20 dollar bill in my wallet, a rarity because I don't usually have cash. It sounded like fate. She started talking about the other products and showed them to me and said that they'd be included in my purchase. Too good to be true, right? I wasn't really sure, and I'm still a little wary about the whole exchange. BUT I figured "what the heck" she looks trustworthy, I'm a sucker for a good deal and even if she's flat out lying to me I'm getting cosmetics at a good price even for drug store standards.
I just had to share this story and what I ended up getting with you guys.
I handed her my 20 and she handed me this.

I'd also like to say that everything was well packaged and wrapped tightly in plastic so I'm sure it wasn't used.

My pesky yellowish lighted pictures again. I need a new place to show you things with better lighting.

Gold shimmer powder

Lip gloss with retractable brush

I totally didn't think about lifting up the little plastic things over each color so you could see them better. Sorry!

Top row: eyeshadow
Middle: blush and brushes
Bottom row: lipgloss

To show you they pop out so you can arrange them as you please and replace them easily.

And the top three and brushes with the mirror come apart to take with you!
So what do you think? Did I get the deal of a lifetime or am I a total sucker? I'm okay with either one :-p
I'd tell you how the products work, look and feel, but I haven't tried them out yet. Because of the recent wildfires in my area the smoke and chemicals they're using to put them out are messing with my allergies like crazy so I'm forgoing using unnecessary eye makeup for a bit.

I'd also like to mention that today is 9/11 and we should all take a moment to send good thoughts and prayers toward the families who lost someone and their memory on that tragic day.


  1. That's such a pretty dress! What a great find, thanks so much for your comment and input on my post today :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! No trouble at all. I hope you make the right decision for you!